Our Mission

The SSERC engages in and fosters equity-oriented participatory inquiry to generate actionable findings that can improve holistic student success outcomes, empower the UC Santa Cruz campus community, and shift the culture of higher education.

Our Approach

  • Equity-grounded Inquiry: Research questions and inquiries are oriented toward addressing issues of equity, including analyzing and targeting structural and institutional processes and practices that produce, and reproduce inequity.  
  • Participatory: Scientific inquiries and approaches are driven and shaped by a community of campus researchers and program partners who collectively work toward understanding, reflecting, and improving student outcomes. 
  • Empowerment Outcomes: Our approaches, tools, and processes aim to empower our community, including providing space for participants to share their voices, student researchers to develop as scientists, practitioners to facilitate their own evaluation, and researchers to contribute to theory and practice. 
  • Action & Change: Findings are actionable, disseminated widely, used to generate institutional change, and inform research scholarship.