Graduate Student Researcher

November 05, 2020


 Title       Graduate Student Researcher





Stephanie Tam Rosas (she/her/hers) is a fifth-year graduate student in Social Psychology. She researches educational settings and how to work toward equity, especially around the intersections of race, class, and gender. Related topics include antiracism pedagogy, systems of power, and youth engagement. She primarily focuses on qualitative research through participatory action research (PAR), interviews, ethnography, and focus groups. Previous projects have included identifying institutional barriers for working class/working poor Latinx parents' engagement in elementary schools, and reconstructing narratives for Latinx immigrant and first generation students through youth PAR.

In her SSERC role, Stephanie is working on a PAR project, collaborating with undergraduate student researchers to better inform SSERC’s programs and services. The project aims to identify how UCSC can support underserved undergraduates in developing their identities as researchers, both while at UCSC and after they graduate.